QCells Solar Panels: Will Your Warranty Exist?

Solar panel warranties are a funny thing. We assume they exist from the moment of installation. The fact of the matter is, if the product installation doesn’t meet manufacturer guidelines, there is no warranty. Therefore, what do QCells solar panels have in place to assure that your warranty should exist? 

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In Australia, CEC Installer Accreditation assures that a licensed individual understands safe practices for installing solar. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide training on manufacturer guidelines for warranty purposes. Manufactures such as QCells do this.

Therefore, for trusted buying, you should seek out installation companies with Manufacturers certification also. QCells solar panels have an endorsement program referred to as the Q.Partner network.

Need to know.

Considering procurement defines product integrity, and ultimately manufacturers warrant eligibility, QCells have a refined network to ensure superior product delivery.

The preferred supply chain for QCells solar panels is as follows;

QCells factory > Authorised Distributor > QCells Q.Partner > Your roof.

Like most manufacturers with a preferred network, the focus is on the education of reduced handling to ensure your QCells solar panels outperform from day one.

Considering each column is CEC Accredited installer (minimum):


QCells Q.Partner.
  • Sourced from the QCells certified distributor network.
  • QCells recommend shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Installed to QCells Solar installation guidelines.
  • QCells warranty intact.


Non-certified Installer
  • Sourced from unknown distribution option.
  • Unkown - incorrect shipping/handling has proven to cause cell fractures.
  • Unkown - incorrect installation reduces module life expectancy.
  • Unkown - impropper installation renders all warranties void.

IMPORTANT: If your selected QCells solar panels are not handled or installed to QCells guidelines, your manufacturer’s warranty is rendered void.

Latest technology.

The latest QCells solar panels available at PSW Energy take two forms. Superior affordability in the Q.MAXX range or the outstanding guarantees of the Q.Peak Duo-G5+ range.

Both take advantage of the latest half-cut 6-inch cell trend to ensure minimised electrical loses. Almost identical by specification, the appeal will be defined by what’s important to you.

QCells Q.Peak Duo G5 Solar Panel

330 W

  • 330 Wp.
  • P-Type monocrystalline
  • 120 half-cell Q.ANTUM.
  • 19.6% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.36%/°C.
  • 1685 (L) x 1000 (W) x 32 (H) mm.
  • 25-yr performance guarantee.
  • 12-yr product warranty.
  • Made in China.
QCells Q.Peak Duo G5 Solar Panel

330 W

Q.Cells Q.Peak Duo-G5
  • 330 Wp.
  • P-Type monocrystalline.
  • 120 half-cell Q.ANTUM.
  • 19.6% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.36%/°C.
  • 1685 (L) x 1000 (W) x 32 (H) mm.
  • 25-yr performance guarantee.
  • 25-yr product warranty.
  • Made in South Korea.
Frame colour may vary from images displayed. Inquire to confirm the particular frame colour available in the PSW Energy range.


QCells solar panels pair well with two of PSW Energy’s most popular solar inverter options. Both technologies offer resounding warranty periods while offering unique individual qualities.

Huawei SUN2000-L1 Perth WA - PSW Energy


  • 3/5 kW.
  • Single-phase.*
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Huawei FusionHome portal.
  • 97.8% efficiency.
  • 375 (H) x 375 (W) x 117 (D) mm.
  • 25 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-year warranty.
Fronius Primo Single Phase 5kW Inverter


  • 3/5 kW.
  • Single-phase.*
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Fronius solar.web
  • 97.1% Efficiency.
  • 645 (H) x 431 (W) x 204 (D) mm.
  • 65 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-yr (5+5) warranty.*
*Three-phase variants available (inquire).

Huawei inverters appeal to those seeking the most advanced inverter technology with huge features to compliment the advanced design of ones desired QCells solar panels. Discover PSW Energy’s popular Huawei solar inverter options here >

The Fronius range of solar inverters add further European prowess to the distinctive German engineering embedded within the QCells Solar panels range.  Discover PSW Energy’s popular Fronius solar inverter options here >

Searching for a different pairing?

Alternative single-phase inverter pairings >

Alternative three-phase inverter pairings >

AC-Coupled & DC Coupled battery pairings >

Below are four predesigned PSW Energy QCells solar panel packages by system size. For greater detail, select your desired system size (swipe left of right). Once viewing the package, alternate your preferred inverter selection from the drop-down menu. 


Q.Cells solar panels possess two different product warranties, mostly dependent on manufacturing origin. The Q.Cells Q.MAXX range, made in China, provides a QCells solar panel option at a more affordable price point with a respected 12-year product and 25-year performance warranty.

Competing in the ultra-premium market is the Intersolar award-winning QCells Q.Peak Duo G5+ (and G6+) range. Made in South Korea, these modules possess an industry-elite 25-year product and 25-year performance warranty.

All warranties are non-existent though if your selected QCells solar panel installation fails to meet QCell specific installation guidelines. Ensure you only use a certified QCells Q.Partner, a trusted member of the Q.Family.

Download Q.MAXX warranty >

Download DUO G5+ warranty >

Exclusive deal.


You’re in the market for an extraordinary solar panel option. Ensure you receive an outstanding workmanship warranty to accompany your system choice. PSW Energy packages including QCells solar panels enjoy an industry-leading workmanship Warranty Extension upon redemption.

Enjoy the latest 330W Q.MAXX or Q.Peak Duo-G5+ QCells solar panels renowned for innovative quality combined with a QCells trusted extended installation warranty. A superior 10+2-yr workmanship guarantee ensures greater peace of mind for longer. That’s the superior value you deserve.

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QCells Australia state on their website – Q.PARTNERs are official Q CELLS authorised dealers. They are vetted, trained, and resourced with the most innovative products to provide the best experience for Australian solar customers.

Not everyone can attain Q.Partner status. Beyond installation quality, QCells further ensure the financial stability of all Q.Partners so customers can rest assured their long-term energy security. 

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse Q.Cells Q.Partner >

QCells Images.

QCells Duo Solar Panel
QCells Solar Panels Perth WA PSW Energy

An investment into QCells solar panels as part of your new self-generated power supply is an investment for the long-term. Ensure your long-term energy yield security by only using a trusted QCells Q.Partner. 

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