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WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Same solar panels, same inverter, CEC accredited installation, what more do you even need to consider? Potentially a couple more aspects to ensure you actually do get the best value for money!


SECURE WARRANTY | PSW Energy is an authorised manufacturer installation partner, discover >

Sales Support

Sick of solar salesman knocking on your door and bombarding your emails with spam? At PSW Energy we like to take a different approach. Perth’s most comprehensive online product range, view >


PSW Energy
  • Perth's Largest Online Superstore.
  • All the information online.
  • Less than 24hr response time.
  • Respectful email correspondence.
  • Take your time.
  • Technically astute.
  • Industry experts.
  • PSW Research Centre.
  • After sales care.


Is it worth it?
  • Website.
  • Unkown/ hidden details.
  • Greater than 24-hours response times.
  • Overwhelming emails.
  • Pushy sales/ scare tactics.
  • Technically unsure.
  • Sales people.
  • Dubious adresses.
  • Next customer.


Guaranteed better value ensures your short, medium and long-term product satisfaction. Never settle for a halve product.


Same panel
Same inverter
Installation (in-house)
Workmanship warranty (10-yr)
Balance Of Materials warranty (10-Yr)
PSW Life Support
CEC Approved Retailer (endorsement)
Manufacturer certified (assured warranty)


Same panel
Same inverter
Installation (sub-contracted)
Workmanship warranty (1 to 5-yr)
Balance Of Materials warranty (1-5-Yr)
Limited technical support
CEC Member (subscription)


What makes PSW Energy installations different from the rest? Extreme attention to detail. From ensuring the best possible orientation for maximum production to superior aesthetic appeal, you deserve the best installation for your investment.

Quality in-house installation with the expert implementation you expect, view >


PSW Energy
  • Premium in-house installation.
  • CEC Accredited installers
  • Prompt, friendly, reliable service.
  • Premium brand components (BoM).
  • Expert advice & guidance.
  • What's best for you.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Clean and respectful property care.


Is it worth it?
  • Multiple installations per day.
  • CEC Accredited installers.
  • Uncertainty to commitments.
  • Cheapest available components (BoM).
  • Limited correspondence.
  • Whatever's easiest.
  • Next job.
  • Your property, your mess.

Customer Satisfaction.

Search online “PSW Energy” and view countless happy customers who also decided to reward themselves with superior value. Or discover our direct (real) customer feedback here >



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Margie Sabile
Margie Sabile
5 out of 5 stars
a month ago
Alec and Dawson did an amazing job installing my panels. Alec knows his job well and informed me about how my system works. He was such an excellent technician and has a heart in doing a perfect job. Dawson was so patient during installation as he install panels during 38 degree weather. Though he accidentally broke a tile he admitted and rectify it immediately. I’m happy with the service and would commend this company.