SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter (installed).

  • SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter.
  • German quality standard.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth communication options.
  • iOS & Android monitoring software & apps.
  • 5-year warranty (expandable to 10-yr).
  • Full installation, commissioning & network integration.
  • PSW Life Support.
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Get The Savings

You Deserve

And get your existing solar energy system running again.


Desktop, iOS and Android, ensure full control of your energy production with one of the greatest solar monitoring portals ever created, SMA Sunny Portal. The SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter connects seamlessly to any internet enabled WiFi connection.


Constructed by the world’s longest-serving solar inverter manufacturer, the SMA Sunny Tripwer solar inverter is synonymous with reliable production and performance in testing conditions. Globally, millions of homeowners trust SMA

30 60 SMA Sunny Tripower

German Quality

The SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter is built to the rigorous and renowned German quality standard. Buy the right tools for the job and discover why people love reliably built solar energy systems.


PSW Life Support facilitates you with the ability to get the most from your SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter. Superior technical support for life ensures you the ability to truly master solar energy production, hassle-free.

PSW Life Support, based in Perth.

Global knowledge, localy based. A technical expert by your side, always.

The most dependable name in solar, throughout history, is without a doubt SMA. The latest solar inverter is certainly no exception to SMA’s remarkable product offerings. The SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter by PSW Energy is equipped to deliver you the energy savings you anticipated when first choosing solar as your preferred energy supply. Avoid alternative cheaper technologies destined to deliver the same inconsistent results. Purchase peace-of-mind and ensure the best return on investment in reliable energy savings

Key criteria to consider: Warranty; As you are potentially realising, replacing a solar inverter isn’t cheap. Therefore a secure warranty by an industry trusted name is essential. Yield potential; This is the total amount of useable energy your system can produce. With better technology expect greater total output through fewer losses in the conversion process, which in turn creates larger savings. Communication; Reliable data delivers the information required for you to save more. Understand how your system works, certain deficiencies, receive production warnings and more through good user-friendly software.

Better installation & support. You’re already finding out that support for solar technology is rather lack-lustre, hence the reason you are here. Purchase an SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter through PSW Energy and receive access to Australia’s best technical support network by locally based experts. Additionally, secure your future potential to save more and enjoy compatibility with PSW Energy’s expansive range of energy saving devices.

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Additional information

Max Wattage DC


Inverter max AC output



SMA Sunny Portal

Electricity supply



PSW Energy optimised in-house installation.

Inverter warranty

10-year (5+5)

Installation & service warranty


Bonus 1

Full monitoring/ software configuration & network integration.

Bonus 2

PSW Life Support

Extra costs (if required): Travel


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

Need to know

  1. Interest-free payment plans cannot be used in conjunction with sale prices and are issued on the RRP (recommended retail price) only.
  2. The SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter is a three-phase inverter only. This product is not compatible with a single-phase solar energy system.
  3. Additional installation costs may apply, a property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  4. Should the solar energy system require alterations to accommodate the SMA Sunny Tripower 4kW solar inverter additional costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  5. Listed price includes installation services within 50kM of the Perth CBD. For installations exceeding this area, additional installation costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  6. No price is final until a site/ delivery evaluation has been conducted by PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse) or its representatives and delivered in writing to the customer.
  7. All information on this page shall be interpreted in conjunction with the PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse ) website terms and conditions.
  8. Full product terms and conditions are detailed in the quote and agreement should you decide to progress with this product.


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