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Sigen Energy Gateway


  • Sigen Energy Gateway
  • Energy import and export communicative control
  • Backup load control
  • mySigen App compatible
  • Required for battery operation
  • PSW Life Support
Sigen Energy Gateway

Sigen Energy Gateway is required to ensure backup power supply function, battery and critical supply management signalling.

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Compatible products.

As one of the most flexible modular energy stems, it helps to understand the essential Sigenergy components within the wider system.

Sigenergy Energy Controller by PSW Energy


  • Sigen Energy Controller/Inverter
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • 3 to 29.9 kW
  • Solar and Battery inverter + BMS + EMS
Sigen Battery within SigenStor


  • Sigen Battery Module
  • DC Coupled
  • 5 or 8 kWh
  • LFP Safe Battery Chemistry + Sigen Shield
SigenStor EV DC Charging module by PSW-Energy

DC Charger

  • Sigen DC EV Charger
  • 12.5 kW or 25 kW
  • V2X compatible (bidirectional)
  • Ultra-efficient charging

Sigen Energy Gateway is the fundamental link for enhanced energy control at the point of supply.

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Add a battery?

Sigen Battery within SigenStor

5 kWh

Modular 5 kW increments for the precise SigenStor energy storage capacity.

Sigen Battery within SigenStor

8 kWh

Sigenergy’s best value battery per kWh. If investment capacity allows, level up with the SigenStor 8 kWh

PSW Life Support.

Included. A local technical expert by your side, always. Learn more ›

Charge your car.

When you’re ready to electrify your mobility, PSW Energy has your Sigen Energy Controller compatible electric vehicle chargers.

DC EV Charger

Ultra-efficient DC fast charging combined with bidirectional (V2X) capabilities. The Sigenergy DC EV charger is exactly what customers have been waiting for.

Discover ›

SigenStor EV DC Charging module by PSW-Energy

AC Charger

Choose the Sigen EV AC charger where charging locations differ from the SigenStor location.

Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable

Type 2 cable

Type 2 to Type 2 heavy-duty 22 kW charge cable for untethered EV chargers.




Sigen Energy Gateway

Power supply

1 phase, 3 phase

Measurement configuration

Direct (series of L1, L2, L3)


IP rated 54 enclosure

Local display


Compatibile inverters

Sigen Energy Controller, Sigen Hybrid Inverter


mySigen App: with Solar Energy Controller and Sigen Hybrid Inverter

Product warranty

2 year

Installation & service warranty

2 year (with installation)


PSW in-house installation (with installation)

Installation area

PSW Installation Zone 1

Inclusion 1

Monitoring configuration & network integration (with installation)

Inclusion 2

PSW Life Support (with installation)

Extra costs: Multi-level

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Switchboard modification

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Travel

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Delivery




PSW Certifications

WA Licensed Electrical Contractor/ Electrical workers, SAA Installers, NETCC Retailer, Sigenergy Certified Installer


Technical downloads

Manufacturer warranty & datasheets associated with the Sigen Energy Gateway:


Energy Meter 1.1: Sigen Energy Gateway datasheet ›



Warranty: download ›


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