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Huawei Smart Power Sensor


  • Huawei Smart Power Sensor
  • Energy import and export data
  • FusionSolar compatible
  • Required for LUNA2000 battery
  • iOS & Android monitoring
  • PSW Life Support

Advanced FusionSolar Insight

Detailed solar production insight is further enhanced with the Huawei Smart Power Sensor for superior consumption and energy export monitoring.

Compatible products.

Huawei L1

  • 3, 5 kW
  • 1 phase
  • 10 year warranty
  • Battery options: Powerwall, LUNA2000

Huawei M1

  • 8, 10 kW
  • 3 phase
  • 10 year warranty
  • Battery options: Powerwall


  • AC powered
  • 7or 22 kW AC Fast EV charger
  • Sun connected function*
  • *Huawei Smart Power Sensor required

The Huawei Smart Power Sensor is the fundamental link for enhanced energy control.

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Add a battery?

Huawei LUNA

Seamless modular DC Coupled energy storage. Suits Huawei L1 & M1 inverter models.

TEsla Powerwall 2 by PSW Energy


Powerwall is a sophisticated energy storage solution with a bold 13.5 kWh capacity.

PSW Life Support.

Included. A local technical expert by your side, always. Learn more ›

Charge your car.

When you’re ready to electrify your mobility, PSW Energy has your Huawei system compatible electric vehicle chargers.

Wall Connector

Tesla’s 3rd Generation wall connector harnesses the suns power from your Huawei energy system delivering an unrivalled fuel source.

Tesla Wall Connector
myenergi zappi EV Charger PSW Energy


British designed and made the myenergi zappi EV charger is a world leader in mobility empowerment.

Wallbox Pulsar EV Charger PSW Energy

Pulsar Plus

Minimalist, yet advanced. Discover the European-designed wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Meter make

Huawei Smart Power Sensor DDSU666-H (Single Phase), DTSU666-H 250A (Three Phase)

Measurement configuration

External CT with voltage reference


2-pole DIN mount, 4-pole DIN mount

Local display


Compatible inverters

Huawei inverters



Product warranty

2 year

Installation & service warranty

(if installed) 2 year


(if installed) PSW in-house installation

Installation area

PSW Installation Zone 1

Extra costs: Multi-level

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Switchboard modification

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Travel

Yes (if required):

Extra costs: Delivery


PSW Certifications

WA Licensed Electrical Contractor, CEC Accredited Installer, NETCC Retailer, Huawei Elite Retail Partner


Technical downloads

Manufacturers warranty & datasheets associated with the Huawei Smart Power Sensor:


Energy Meter: Huawei Smart Power Sensor datasheet ›


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