DEHNguard Surge Arrester

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  • Overvoltage Surge Arrester.
  • Extreme overvoltage protection.
  • Entire home protection (single-phase).
  • Safeguard against addition expenses in the event of an electrical storm.
  • Supply only price.


Superior protection

For your most valuable electrical appliances.


With up to 1.75kV protection on a single phase be assured your most valued electrical items are safe from power surges and electrical storms.


One surge arrester ensures whole home protection (single-phase). With a convenient operating state indicator, and easily release replacement module, be assured the protection you’d expect without costly replacement services.

DEHNguard Surge Protection Power Supply


Did you know? Solar inverter manufacturers are not obliged to honour warranty claims should you fail to protect your electrical supply adequately. Ensure your investment is secure.


PSW Life Support facilitates you with the ability to get the most from your surge arrester protected solar energy system. Superior technical support for life ensures you the ability for greater production every day.

PSW Life Support, based in Perth.

Global knowledge, localy based. A technical expert by your side, always.

What do you require? A well-protected electricity supply with reduced exposure to extremely dangerous & damaging voltage surges to protect your most valuable electrical assets.

Who should get this?

  • Home & business owners looking to invest in a solar power system.
  • Solar system owners looking to safeguard the cost of their solar inverter in the event of a potentially damaging electrical storm.
  • Home & business owners with critical electrical devices which require extra protection.

What will it cost? This will depend on your available switchboard space and points of protection where the multi-purpose surge arrestor is required to protect.

Can PSW Energy facilitate this cost remotely? Yes. You simply need to be able to provide some basic site and circuit information, plus an accompanying electrical switchboard photo of your property. Select ADD TO QUOTE below or email

What PSW customers are saying

Additional information

Max voltage protection

up to 1.25 kV

Max operating voltage

275 V



Operating indicator

Green / red



Electricity supply


Mounting requirements

DIN Mount



Extra costs (if required):


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

Need to know


  1. The PSW Energy DEHNguard surge arrester is a single-phase product only. Additional costs are required to ensure the DEHNguard surge arrester is compatible with all three phases of an electrical switchboard.
  2. Additional switchboard modification costs may apply, a property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  3. Listed price includes installation services to the following geographical location; installation zone >. For installations exceeding the mapped boundary, additional installation costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  4. GST is factored into the whole amount.
  5. No price is final until a site/ delivery evaluation has been conducted by PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse) or its representatives and delivered in writing to the customer.
  6. All information on this page shall be interpreted in conjunction with the PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse ) website terms and conditions.
  7. Full product terms and conditions are detailed in the quote and agreement should you decide to progress with this product.


DEHNguard Surge Arrester Data Sheet

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