3-Phase 6kW Solar System with Battery Backup (installed).

  • 21 x 315W (6.6kW) Trina Solar Mono PERC smart modules.
  • 5kW Goodwe solar & battery inverter with EPS.
  • Emergency Power Supply (EPS) dedicated circuit functionality.
  • 11.2kWH BYD B-Box HV Battery.
  • Advanced iOS & Android monitoring software.
  • Commissioning & network integration.
  • PSW Life Support.
  • Fully installed.


The Reliable Emergency
Power Supply

Is built by BYD, proven technology.


Connect with WiFi to interact with your Goodwe powered home or business via SEMS Portal. Powerful energy control and monitoring options featuring detailed insight from wherever you are in the world via Desktop, iOS & Android.


Your Emergency Power Supply configured in beautiful simplicity, an essential circuit is directed back to the switchboard from the inverter to ensure your must-have appliances stay energised when the grid-supply stops.

Goodwe ET 2


Built as the perfect accompaniment for the LG Chem HV solar battery range (late 2018). Experience arguably the best to master electricity costs and ensure a reliable emergency power supply when you need it most.


PSW Life Support facilitates you with the ability to get the most from your Goodwe controlled energy system. Superior technical support for life ensures you the ability for greater production every day.

PSW Life Support, based in Perth.

Global knowledge, localy based. A technical expert by your side, always.

What do you require? This is the single most important question one should always consider. Are you in an area prone to an inconsistent network power supply? Do you operate critical equipment which should operate in the event of a power failure? Are you searching for an all-in-one self-generated energy solution which has the ability to eliminate electricity bills baring supply charges? If you answered yes to any of the above then this 6kW solar system with battery backup is potentially the right energy solution for you.

Who should get this?

  • Home & small-business owners which require a dependable single-phase backup power supply in the event of a power failure.
  • Energy users who require the ability to utilise excess produced solar energy at night.
  • Anyone with an electricity bill greater than $400.

What will it cost? Incorporating a 6kW solar system with battery backup (Emergency Power Supply) is often a more complex installation and the cost is very much relative to the individual installation. Say for example the installation is a single level home with both switchboard and garage in the same location, the switchboard has available space for additional circuits and metering (Approx 4-5 poles), the roof has a large and clear north, east or west roof aspect where all solar panels can fit without shading implications. Such a scenario would be considered relatively simple. However, in 75% of cases, a more customised 6kW solar system with battery backup is required. Exactly the reason (like most home additions) a site assessment and individual quotation is required to see if your installation is compatible.

Can PSW Energy facilitate this cost remotely? Initially, Yes, thanks to some great remote assessment software and a few simple questions. However, it is recommended a technical site assessment always be carried out to ensure absolutely no hidden surprises. With such measures, you’re guaranteed an energy system built to perform and ultimate satisfaction.

What PSW customers are saying

Additional information

Max Wattage DC


Module Qty


Module make

Trina 310W Mono PERC smart module

Inverter max AC output

5 kW


Goodwe ET Hybrid Inverter




Goodwe SEMS

Electricity supply


Mounting system


DC Isolators

IMO (or ABB) 1000V 32Amp


PSW Energy optimised in-house installation.

Module warranty

10-year (25-year performance)

Inverter warranty


Battery warranty


Mounting system warranty


BoM warranty


Installation & service warranty


Bonus 1

Full monitoring/ software configuration & network integration.

Bonus 2

PSW Life Support

Extra costs (if required): EPS Circuit


Extra costs (if required): Multi-level

From $300

Extra costs (if required): Array Split

$150 (RRP $195)

Extra costs (if required): Extra Panel

$300 (RRP $390)

Extra costs (if required): Travel


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

Need to know

  1. Interest-free payment plans cannot be used in conjunction with sale prices and are issued on the RRP (recommended retail price) only.
  2. The PSW Energy 5kW Solar System with Battery Backup is a single-phase system only. For 3-phase electricity supplies please view:
  3. Additional multi-level installation costs apply, a property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  4. Should the solar array require splitting (more than one roof) additional installation costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  5. Listed price includes installation services to the following geographical location; installation zone >. For installations exceeding the mapped boundary, additional installation costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  6. Listed price includes a predetermined point of sale discount for the total balance of the Small Technology Certificate (STC) allocation based on the system size and geographical location to McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd (trading as PSW Energy) upon completion of the installation.
  7. GST is factored into the whole amount prior to the STC value being deducted.
  8. No price is final until a site/ delivery evaluation has been conducted by PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse) or its representatives and delivered in writing to the customer.
  9. All information on this page shall be interpreted in conjunction with the PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse ) website terms and conditions.
  10. Full product terms and conditions are detailed in the quote and agreement should you decide to progress with this product.


300W Trina Solar mono PERC smart modules

Goodwe ET Series

BYD B-Box HV Battery

Titan Solar Mounting System

IMO Solar DC Isolators