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An exciting SolarWorld option. The award-winning SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panels are more cost-efficient per watt than all other cell technologies when available space permits. Coupled with the exceptional build quality and design, variations of the polycrystalline solar panel by SolarWorld have proven to surpass over time in harsh Australian conditions. Although what does that mean?

Getting back to basics, as the name implies, developed from polycrystalline silicon, the resulting cells endure a less intensive manufacturing process when compared to monocrystalline silicon cells. In turn, the economic advantages in the cell development are passed directly on to the end user. A result which leads to SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panels to become an overwhelmingly popular choice for many.

Price aside and in the simplest terms possible, SolarWorld polycrystalline solar cells are crafted through melting down raw silicon rocks and pouring it into a mould which is then further refined into silicon wafers for the cells. This simple process is both proven and effective. Less intensive than the process crafting a monocrystalline silicon ingot to slice into wafers. Efficiency per panel in polycrystalline solar panels is reduced by mere 3% on average at Standard Test Conditions, in comparison to monocrystalline output. Easily compensated via integrating additional solar panels. An achievable concept for most Australian homesites and installation circumstances.


SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus Poly

The Sunmodule Plus poly range are the definition of real value. Remarkable German made quality these polycrystalline solar panels are designed to give you more energy production, better efficiency, and a longer lifespan compared to all other polycrystalline technologies available. Not as space efficient as their monocrystalline counterparts, SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus polycrystalline solar panels offer excellent performance at a lower capital investment, facilitating the potential to provide an expedited return on investment in the right scenario.

Efficiency at Standard Test Conditions (STC)? SolarWorld’s polycrystalline solar panels perform beyond expectation in Australian conditions. A far better gauge than the industry benchmark. Extremely high quality, German designed and manufactured, no other polycrystalline solar panel on the market has been subject to such scrutiny and impressed. Each solar panel in this superb range which leaves the SolarWorld factory is rigorously scrutinised to ensure that all perform at the specified nameplate value or above. A process referred to as positive sorting.

SolarWold Polycrystalline solar panel guarantee

Proven assurance. Not many solar panel manufacturers have outlived their warranty claims in terms of existence. The world’s most trusted guarantee, SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus polycrystalline solar panels accompany the original 25-year linear manufacturer performance warranty. Promising that your panels will not degrade any faster than 0.7% per year.

Overall, extremely well engineered, SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus Polycrystalline solar panels are exceptionally enticing given the price point. Built with precision, SolarWorld ensures that each module will withstand everything the elements can throw at them, in almost any condition. Without a doubt, the Sunmodule Plus range of polycrystalline solar panels is an excellent choice. In Australia, where temperatures are higher and conditions are enduring, experts agree this truly is an exceptional product on a global scale.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Poly Protect (Temporarily Unavailable in Australia)

Designed for resilience and longevity, the Sunmodule Protect Poly is a SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panel built to surpass. Punctuated by a robust tempered glass front covering solution plus a 2mm glass back sheet. A trademark SolarWorld Sunmodule Protect solar panel, this variance includes a resounding 30-year linear performance warranty.

SolarWorld Poly Protect Performance Guarantee Presented by Perth Solar Warehouse

The world’s greatest power performance warranty designed half expected solar panel degradation. A factor which is part of every solar panels lifespan, and there’s little that can be done to stop it. SolarWorld promises that the Sunmodule Protect range of polycrystalline solar panels efficiency shall only degrade by 0.35% per year, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan of high energy production.

The Protect line of polycrystalline solar panels is precision-engineered to ensure longevity and resilience, particularly in climates that test conventional solar panels, such as many parts of Australia.


The SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panel variances, alike the entire SolarWorld range, is TUV Power Controlled, proving SolarWorld have the lowest measuring tolerance in industry. Assurance that every solar panel will perform at or above expectations. Faithful to the entire range, SolarWorld promises a positive performance tolerance on each solar panel that leaves the factory. Facilitating the reliance that the polycrystalline range of solar panels will perform as they should or greater at Standard Test Conditions, precisely.

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