Essential solar monitoring special.

Receive PSW Energy essential solar monitoring special and technical assistance for the life of your solar energy system at no additional or ongoing cost when you purchase any service supported item from PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse).

Monitoring & support – no extra cost.

Alternative operators will offer a WiFi enabled device only. You then need to setup, connect, register and commission the configuration process yourself. Most people never get never get this far, and if they do often the technical parameters are rarely accurate to reflect the system for data accuracy.

PSW Energy ESSENTIAL solar monitoring special gets you:

  • Exclusive PSW Energy life support. Learn more >
  • Perth based remote technical assistance Monday – Friday.
  • The ability to monitor energy production from any smart device.
  • Daily production email notifications (if required).
  • Advanced production analysis.
  • Fault notifications delivered via email.
  • System error diagnostics.
  • The ability to explore performance vulnerabilities with to the minute detail.

Interpreting and acting on critical information is where PSW Energy technical support is in a league of its own. Our locally based technical experts are on standby to assist you.

ASSURANCE – Don’t wait weeks for other suppliers to respond to system errors if they occur, that’s energy savings you are missing out on, extending your return on investment. PSW Energy commits to super fast response times with the Essential monitoring special. If you have an issue, we fix it fast with our in-house technicians. An infrequent occurrence, but peace of mind. Learn more >

One condition.

You must have an accessible WiFi source within the range of your solar inverter.

OPTIONS Monitoring Specials by Perth Solar Warehouse


Entry level solar power production monitoring with advanced production diagnostics, safety alerts and interactive features with PSW Energy technical support on standby.



Next level energy control incorporating a communicatively compatible energy meter. All the features of the ESSENTIAL solar monitoring special plus key energy import and export data for the accurate power-saving insight – additional device required.


The ultimate monitoring option for superior energy management. All of the great features of the ESSENTIAL and ADVANCED monitoring special plus the opportunity to monitor individual circuit consumption from an independent 3rd party platform, Solar Analytics. Utilising 3G data no WiFi connection is required. Subscription service of $6 per month applies.

Why monitor?

Energy monitoring and communication is the future of the smarter energy efficient home. It also ensures your manufacturer’s warranty is upheld. A very important note. Built into the clauses of most manufacturer warranty extensions eg. 10-year (5+5) inverter warranties is an acknowledgment that the inverter shall be able to receive firmware updates.

The biggest advantage is however that you can review the generated graphical data to better control electricity bill reduction. As electricity is very invisible, energy monitoring becomes your eyes to see such things.

A very powerful tool for complete knowledge of the entire situation. Take control.

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