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Jinko Supplies Restricted – What this means for you.

Market competition in jeopardy with a monopoly play for one of Perth’s most popular solar panel brands as Jinko supplies restricted.
In a bizarre move, for an extremely short period in 2020, PSW Energy and many alternative solar retailers in the Perth WA region will experience restricted distribution access to the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-type) solar panel range. To assist with greater transparency, consumers should use this post as a guide into the circumstances restricting supply and the options available.

Many consumers will undoubtedly have received a letter from a competing retailer claiming exclusive retail distribution of the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) solar module.

As a prevalent product in the PSW range, PSW management has now also received notification detailing the exclusive supply arrangement with the alternative retailer until December 2020.

Amid the confusion, the nature of this arrangement and a competitors ability to supply the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) to a consumer is as follows;

Need to know.

Consumers may still purchase a Jinko Tiger 390W (N-type) solar energy system from any alternative retailer (including PSW Energy) as long as the stock was ordered before 1st September 2020 or after 31st December 2020.

As of such, PSW Energy has acquired a surplus of Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) solar panel stock before the restricted supply arrangement was executed to full-fill consumer demand for the remainder of 2020.

If you have been advised that alternative retailers should not be selling the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type), PSW Energy management request that details of such be forwarded to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) for an independent assessment, as such should be considered an attempt to mislead in order to coerce a sale.

The reason.

The solar industry, unfortunately, is a volume competition. Exclusivity is in almost all instances allocated on a promise of meeting lofty volume targets.

PSW Energy declined an opportunity for volume governed targets and the appeal of the Jinko Tiger (N-Type) product exclusivity to ensure project procurement never gets rushed.

End-user satisfaction remains at the heart of everything PSW sets out to achieve. We believe committing to volume targets beyond our capacity in any nominated period will most likely deteriorate the attention to detail you deserve.

Have you been advised any other reason behind the exclusive retail supply of the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) between the periods of 1st September 2020 to 31st December 2020? If so, this could be considered misleading by the ACCC.

The letter.

If you have received a copy of the below letter, it is essential to understand the definitions behind such and what it means for PSW Energy customers.

Jinko nominates One Stop Warehouse as the exclusive distributor for the Jinko 390W Tiger (N-Type) range in Australia.

PSW Energy is also a customer to One Stop Warehouse for the supply of solar equipment.

Customers may contact One Stop Warehouse directly to verify the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) stock ordered by PSW Energy has been acquired via the correct distribution channels outside of the above-nominated agreement date.

One Stop Warehouse may exhaust an exclusive allocation of Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) units within a nominated period to a selected retailer to full-fill the projected volume requirements.

The agreement is between the distributor (One Stop Warehouse) and the retailer only, and does not restrict the promotion or the retail sale of units purchased before the “contract date”. Doing so would violate fair trading laws.

As PSW Energy purchased the original Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) solar panels before the nominated contract date, PSW Energy is within its rights to promote and retail sale the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type). PSW Energy won’t be supplied any additional stock within the nominated contract date.

If purchasing through PSW Energy, Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) product and performance guarantees shall remain intact under Australia consumer law.

PSW Energy will respect the above agreement for orders of the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) only utilising stock on hand within the nominated period.

If the nominated retailer in the above contract fails to deliver the promised volume to One Stop Warehouse within the nominated timeframe, the above agreement shall be terminated.
Have you been advised any other reason behind the exclusive retail supply of the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) between the periods of 1st September 2020 to 31st December 2020? If so, this could be considered misleading by the ACCC.


The manufacturer (Jinko Solar), the distributor (One Stop Warehouse) and the retailer (PSW Energy) are required to ensure the product you buy, in this instance, is of merchantable quality.

PSW Energy has always utilised the appropriate channels to purchase the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type), and therefore all product warranties remain intact and governed in conjunction with Australian consumer law.

PSW Energy ensures all products are installed to manufacturer specifications. Failing to do so renders PSW Energy responsible for adhering the warranty. PSW Energy cannot guarantee an alternative retailers stance in this instance.

Have you been informed that your warranty will not exist if purchasing Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) through PSW Energy? If so, such is deceptive behaviour in the market place. The ACCC may consider such action misleading in order to coerce a sale.

Your options?

Monopoly’s distort actual product value through eliminating competition. PSW Energy recommends using consumer strength to fight against such ploys.

PSW Energy can still supply consumers the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-type) lawfully in 2020 through the pre-ordered stock. We’ll be honest though, the PSW team is delicately rationing this surplus until January 2021.

If you can’t wait until January 2021, PSW Energy alongside QCells (One of the world’s best-known premium solar brands), has collaborated to offer one of our best deals ever in light of the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) shortfall. SEE BELOW.

Something better.

PSW staff love the Jinko Tiger 390W (N-type) for the technology at hand at the nominated price point. However, during periods of restricted availability, we strive to ensure an equal or better product option.

Therefore, for the remainder of 2020, PSW Energy presents a once only below-cost offer on an esteemed InterSolar Award-Winning solar module, the QCells QPeak Duo-G5+ normally valued at $1200 extra.

For your convenience, compared are the two side by side to assist with an informed buying decision.

QCells Solar Panel


QPeak Duo-G5+
  • 330 W.
  • 60-cell (120 half-cell).
  • 1685 (H) x 1000 (W) x 32 (D) mm.
  • Q.ANTUM mono technology.
  • 19.6% module efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.36%/oC.
  • InterSolar Award-Winner.
  • 25-yr product warranty.
  • 25-yr perform warranty.
  • Made in South Korea.
Jinko Tiger Solar Panel


Tiger N-Type
  • 390 W.
  • 66-cell (132 half-cell).
  • 1842 (H) x 1021 (W) x 35 (D) mm.
  • N-Type mono technology.
  • 20.6% module efficiency.
  • Temp COEF -0.35%/oC.
  • InterSolar Award-Runner-up.
  • 20-yr product warranty.
  • 30-yr perform warranty.
  • Made in China.

It’s important to note an increased power class is not always indicative of a technology discrepancy. In most instances, larger power classes represent larger module sizes when the module efficiency is within 1%.

The QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5+ utilises the standard 6″ 60-Cell format and frame dimension. The Jinko Tiger 390W (N-Type) uses a larger cell dimension 6.6″ 66-Cell format to achieve a higher discrepancy in overall Wattage (It’s a bigger panel).

You can make a difference.

Assist PSW Energy, likeminded Australian consumers and your ability to ensure competition remains healthy in the market place.

Use your knowledge backed choice to send a resounding message to those which aim to restrict competition.

IMPORTANT: If at any time you feel a solar retailer is acting in a deceiving manner, you should report such conduct to the ACCC.

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