Jinko Solar Panels Warranty: The Devil is in The Detail.

Selecting one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers to be incorporated as part of your system solution should be a sure thing. Not entirely, and it’s essential to know where you stand should something not quite go as planned after installation. When it comes to the Jinko solar panels warranty, like many, the devil is in the detail.


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As solar module manufactures continue to push forward onto profitable pastures, it’s essential not to be lingering in the past. Once a solar panel becomes installed, there is no longer any benefit for the manufacturer in terms of financial gain.

Jinko has a good reputation. However, does this mean that should any Jinko solar panels fail within the warranty period, Jinko is liable for repair or replacement? Potentially not, as it depends on the nature of the failure and whether your particular installation meet the Jinko solar panels warranty guidelines.

As there is no profitability in warranty scenarios, the first point of investigation from a manufacturers perspective is; how has the solar module been installed?

Jinko Solar Panels Manufacturing Line - PSW Energy
Controlled distribution.

Failing to meet manufacturer defined procurement or installation guidelines is a simple get out of jail free card from any manufacturer’s perspective.  

Understand that there are two minimum certifications one should seek out when selecting a desired solar energy system.

  1. Safety, CEC Certified Installer accreditation – Endorsement towards safe installing of solar P.V in Australia.
  2. Security, Manufacturer certification/ specialisation – Expert knowledge towards the correct implementation of a selected product line.

For the added assurance behind the Jinko solar panels warranty, Installation businesses should purchase from authorised distributors. Buying only from authorised distribution channels ensures correct and minimal product handling.

The preferred supply chain for Jinko solar panels is as follows;

Jinko factory > Authorised Distributor > Jinko Specialist Installer > Your roof.

Minimal, handling, correct procurement and manufacturer required installation methods ensure Jinko solar panels exceed the intended purpose maintaining exception yields long after the warranty period.

Considering each column is CEC Accredited installer (minimum):


PSW Energy
  • Sourced from a Jinko authorised distributor.
  • Minimal supply chain points of contact upholds product integrity.
  • Jinko recommended shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Specialised installation - assured manufacturers guarantee integrity.
  • Jinko solar panel warranty intact for longterm peace of mind.


Non-specialised Installer
  • Sourced from the lowest price distribution option.
  • Unknown - extra & untrusted points of contact reduces product integrity.
  • Unkown - incorrect shipping/handling has proven to cause internal damage.
  • Unkown - Installation guidelines are unique to every different module.
  • Unkown - Impropper installation renders all warranties void.

IMPORTANT: If your Jinko solar panels are not handled or installed to Jinko installation guidelines, your particular Jinko Solar panels warranty is rendered void.

Latest technology.

Jinko solar panels within the PSW Energy range present in Jinko’s most advanced options. The Jinko Cheetah HC uses the popular 120-half-cell layout with 90-degree cell corners to ensure one of the more aesthetically pleasing module designs in this format.


Released mid 2020 and as Jinko’s most advanced solar panel, the Jinko Tiger utilises a sleek N-type mono shingle-cell design to reach greater efficiencies than ever before.

Jinko Cheetah Solar Panel

370 W

Jinko Cheetah HC
  • 370 Wp.
  • P-Type monocrystalline
  • 132 half-cell PERC.
  • 20.64% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.36%/°C.
  • 1796 (L) x 998 (W) x 35 (H) mm.
  • 25-yr performance guarantee.
  • 12-yr product warranty.
  • Made in China.
Jinko Solar Tiger Panel by PSW Energy

390 W

Jinko Tiger
  • 390 Wp.
  • N-Type monocrystalline.
  • 132 Shingle-cell PERC.
  • 20.74% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.35%/°C.
  • 1842 (L) x 1021 (W) x 35 (H) mm.
  • 30-yr performance guarantee.
  • 20-yr product warranty.
  • Made in China.
Frame colour may vary from images displayed. Inquire to confirm the particular frame colour available in the PSW Energy range.
Secure warranty.

Different warranties exist for different Jinko product lines.

Jinko Tiger (N-Type): The Jinko Tiger 390W N-type mono solar module is Jinko’s ultra-premium solar panel option. Due to the high-grade module construction and extreme cell purity (N-type mono),  the warranty embedded within the Jinko Tiger N-Type solar panel here in Australia is an outstanding 20-yr product and 30-yr performance warranty.

The Rest: All remaining Jinko solar panels enjoy a respected 12-year product and 25-year performance warranty.

As a Jinko specialist installer, PSW Energy field and internal staff triple check all completed installations to ensure a Jinko Solar panels warranty is secure for each project. Should a warranty claim not be accepted due to improper installation, PSW Energy will rectify any shortfall in place of the manufacturer’s warranty.

IMPORTANT: If the Jinko solar panels you buy fail to be supplied or installed as per Jinko installation guidelines, both product and performance warranty is 0-years.

All Jinko Solar Panels Warranty Download > 

Jinko Cheetah Solar Panels Perth WA - PSW Energy
PSW certification.

Jinko Solar Australia state on their website – We have an Australia wide network of experienced Clean Energy Council solar installers. 

Therefore, why would one ever need to consider an installer without Jinko certification? Another layer of protection to assure your energy future exists within the Jinko’s cradle to cradle certified installer network. 

Expert support.

Ever think you may be worried how your Jinko solar panels may be performing in a few years time against the Perth average?

PSW Energy possesses one of the most extensive monitored Jinko solar panel plant fleets within the Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury regions, Western Australia. With such comprehensive production data available for comparison, should you have any concerns relating to the output or performance of selected Jinko solar panels, PSW technical experts are in the box seat to verify data-driven, local support you deserve.

Should there be a technical concern relating to your Jinko solar panels warranty, when purchased through PSW Energy, rest assured expedited one point contact through PSW Life Support, with PSW Energy being a recognised warranty agent for most major solar brands including Jinko.

Trusted buying.

Jinko solar panel offerings are some of the most progressive, continually releasing newer variants. Avoid outdated Jinko models, ensure you only receive the latest Jinko solar technology in Perth’s largest online solar superstore.

Rated on multiple 3rd party platforms by hundreds of satisfied customers, experience outstanding technology at some of the most competitive prices available, in a transparent “buy at your leisure” online environment.

The next-generation of Jinko solar panels present as a premium solar module offering in anyones language. With revived appeal through enhanced features, you’re making a significant investment.

Ensure your Jinko solar panels warranty is intact from day one. Only use a trusted Jinko Solar certified installer for assured product security in both the short and long-term.

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