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Jinko Solar panel warranty: The devil is in the detail

Selecting one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers to be incorporated as part of your system solution should be a sure thing. Not entirely, and it’s essential to know where you stand should something not quite go as planned after installation. When it comes to your Jinko solar panel warranty, like many, the devil is in the detail.


As solar module manufacturers continue to push forward onto profitable pastures, it’s essential not to be lingering in the past. Once a solar panel is installed, there is no longer any benefit for the manufacturer regarding financial gain.

Jinko has a good reputation. However, does this mean that should any Jinko solar panels fail within the warranty period, Jinko is liable for repair or replacement? Potentially not, as it depends on the nature of the failure and whether your particular installation meet the Jinko solar panels warranty guidelines.

As there is no profitability in warranty scenarios, the first point of investigation from a manufacturers perspective is; how has the solar module been installed?

Controlled distribution

From any manufacturer’s perspective, failing to meet manufacturer-defined procurement or installation guidelines is a simple get-out-of-jail-free card. One should seek two minimum certifications when selecting a desired solar energy system.  

Caution 1

Education: CEC Certified Installer accreditation – Endorsement towards an individual worker’s safe installation of solar photovoltaics in Australia.

Caution 2

Specific product awareness: Manufacturer certification/ specialisation – Expert knowledge towards correctly implementing a selected product line.

For the added assurance behind the Jinko solar panels warranty, Installation businesses should purchase from authorised distributors. Buying only from authorised distribution channels ensures correct and minimal product handling.

The preferred supply chain for Jinko solar panels is as follows;

Jinko factory > Authorised Distributor > Jinko Specialist Installer > Your roof.

Minimal handling, correct procurement and manufacturer-required installation methods ensure Jinko solar panels exceed the intended purpose maintaining exception yield long after the warranty period.

Considering each column is CEC Accredited installer (minimum):


Jinko installer
  • Authorised distribution channels
  • Reduced supply chain manhandelling
  • Recommended storing & shipping
  • Jinko installation guidelines adhered
  • Jinko warranty assurance


Jinko installer
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • General industry installation
  • Unknown

IMPORTANT: If your Jinko solar panels are not handled or installed to Jinko installation guidelines, your particular Jinko Solar panels warranty is void.

Jinko Solar Panels Manufacturing Line - PSW Energy
The different warranties

Different warranties exist for different Jinko product lines within Australia. From 2023, as Jinko transitions towards N-Type-only module classifications, the key differentiator is residential and commercial module classifications.

All Jinko solar panels, irrelevant to residential or industry classification are comprised of two key warranties. A product warranty and a performance warranty.

Differentiating the two is relatively easy. Jinko’s product warranty governs the product integrity over time if installed to manufacturer guidelines (important). While the Performance warranty defines how much the module power output will diminish over time, usually expressed annually for a nominated period.

Model Product
warranty period
1st year degradation
degradation 1,2

Tiger Neo 54HC4
25 yrs 3
30 yrs

Tiger TR
25 yrs
30 yrs

Tiger Pro
12 yrs
25 yrs

Tiger Neo 60HC4
25 yrs 3
30 yrs
  1. Warranted maximum power output degradation within a nominated period at Standard Test Conditions.
  2. Annual warranted maximum power output degradation at Standard Test Conditions, beyond year-1 for the remaining performance warranty period.

Discerning the two warranty layers of which a customer should be aware, the Performance warranty remains relatively constant. In contrast, the product warranty drops considerably for industry and utility-scale Jinko solar modules. The reasoning is relatively simple and not a reflection of product quality as all the modules follow a similar automated construction process.

The module product warranty length is relative to the purchasing decision-maker within each category. A household decision-maker puts greater value on product warranty length than a financier funding an industry or utility-scale investment. 

Your local approved installers

Manufacturers seldom align with installers possessing a poor industry standing and lack of endorsements, it doesn’t reflect well on the product. A Jinko-approved installer is more likely to possess greater specific product knowledge due to consistent product updates and training. 

As another layer of security towards your energy investment, Jinko Solar Australia makes it easy to determine the local Jinko approved installers within your area with an easy postcode search.

Certified Jinko Solar Australia installer search ›

Jinko approved installer solar package quote for your home. Perth & Bunbury region, Western Australia. 

Obligations after installation

It’s not always as easy as installing a solar panel, here’s your warranty, and walking away. As the system operator, you’ve got obligations to ensure your Jinko solar panels are adequately maintained for the nominated warranty period.

As installations sites suffer from unique environmental impacts (soiling, salt mist, ammonia exposure, dust etc.), adequate maintenance varies from site to site. Your local Jinko-approved installer needs a sufficient support plan to ensure your Jinko solar warranty remains good for its nominated period.

An example of a locally-based product aftercare is PSW Life Support. An installer-initiated and manufacturer-endorsed customer aftercare program for sustainable energy products and an effective one-point contact in case of a product concern.

Where to buy

You can buy Jinko solar panels in Australia from almost anywhere. It’s as simple as a quick Google search. However, you’re searching for a proven Jinko solar module product installer who purchases through the direct-to-user supply chain and with a track record of assured product integrity. The first step is to refine your installer options with a Jinko-approved installer within your local region. The Jinko Approved Installer Search is available on the Jinko Australia website.

Supplementary installer refinement criteria for an assured Jinko solar panel warranty:

  1. An active local knowledge aftercare program for product assurance (don’t allow your warranty to lapse due to misuse/ lack of care). Example ›
  2. New Energy Tech Consumer Code Approved retailer. A retailer/installer business that has signed to improve consumer standards and transparency within the sustainable energy sector.

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