Interest-Free Solar Deal.

Interest-free solar is available at Perth Solar Warehouse. Get the best German made solar energy products in Perth WA with $0 deposit on an interest-free payment plan. An easy, no fuss, application process approved in minutes.

$0 deposit, 60-months interest-free solar.

Use our interest-free solar options to your ultimate advantage and replace a significant portion of your power bill as a fortnightly payment towards solar power and energy storage.



  • Swap a majority of your electricity bill for solar.
  • Enjoy instant electricity savings.
  • Within one full cycle, your grid dependency will be far less.
  • Each fortnight you’ll make one simple payment.
  • Unless you significantly change your consumption habits, be relieved from bi-monthly bill shock.
  • Within 3-years your solar energy system can be paid off.
  • Start enjoying 100% free energy from the sun.


Many people outlay a sizable capital investment to achieve their solar dream. Savvy people seek out the best value medium to long-term investment, master the beneficial hours of solar and substitute one expense for the other keeping their cash reserves plentiful.

The most proven solar investments incorporate genuine German-made solar panel technologies. Equipped with the industries biggest warranties, you canโ€™t go wrong. An interest-free solar investment is your ultimate advantage when the system surpasses the payment plan and delivers fruitful ongoing returns.

Select your favourite PSW Energy system and be a savvy investor.


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