Latest Release: Huawei SUN2000-L1 & M1 Inverter.

The wait is over. 2020’s most anticipated release the Huawei SUN2000-L1 & M1 models available June 2020.

Soon after initial release, the Huawei SUN2000-L1 & M1 solar inverter range ensures solar can now exceed end-user expectation. Set for Australian release in June 2020, the second generation Huawei inverter range has one distinct advantage which for many, is worth the wait. 

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Accommodating both single and three-phase power supplies the new Huawei SUN2000-L1, and SUN2000-M1 boast backup power supply functionality in the event of a grid failure. A feature many have always expected from a standard grid-tie solar energy system but, unfortunately, options have either been limited or expensive.

A game-changer.

One device, so many opportunities. No matter your intentions or particular power supply, Huawei has set out to ensure your energy future with one versatile residential grid-tie solar inverter range.

Not only does the Huawei SUN000-L1 & M1 inverters have the ability to keep the lights on in the event of a grid-failure, expect unrivalled adaptability for almost all installation profiles with the intelligent Huawei expansion range.

Need to know.

First, It’s all about the number 1. The new Huawei solar inverter range is proceeded by the number 1 in both single and three-phase variants.

Second, Installation is everything to ensure your new Huawei solar inverter delivers what you’d expect. Beyond a CEC Accreditation installation, ensure delivery via a Huawei certified installer such as PSW Energy for expert product knowledge, responsive support and a secure warranty.

Below are the model number differences to ensure you receive your desired Huawei model;


Original Huawei Solar Inverter
  • 1-Phase: SUN2000L-(2-6KTL)
  • 3-Phase: SUN2000-(5/6KTL)-M0


New Huawei Solar Inverter
  • 1-Phase: SUN2000-(2-6KTL)-L1
  • 3-Phase: SUN2000-(5/6KTL)-M1

Note the bracketed figures of (2-6KTL) and (5-6KTL) references your selected inverter size, while the TL characters refer to the transformerless topology (example: 5KTL ref 5 kW Transformerless). 

Understanding the new Huawei single and three-phase solar inverter product code is as follows: 

  • SUN2000 – Model.
  • 2-6KTL or 5/6KTL) – Size & Topology.
  •  L1 or M1 – Series.

Suppliers and installers alike will adopt the shortened versions of either SUN2000-L1 or SUN2000-M1, often dismissing the size and topology for ease of reference. 


For basic solar array connection, V.1 remains an ideal solution. However, if opting for a Huawei solar inverter, you likely have one eye on future (or current) battery compatibility.

With that in mind, both offer a level of high voltage DC-coupled battery compatibility (the new era of domestic batteries). The V.2 goes one step further though providing backup power supply features for those wanting a level of blackout protection.

Main feature differences of the Huawei single-phase inverters compared below:


  • Peak load shaving battery function only.
  • LG Chem RESU HV Battery compatibility.
  • Huawei HV battery compatibility
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Optimiser integration requires additional Smart PV Safety Box
  • 375 x 375 x 161.5 mm
Huawei SUN2000L1 By PSW Energy


  • Peak load shaving and EPS*
  • LG Chem RESU HV Battery compatibility.
  • Huawei HV Battery compatibility.
  • Arc Fault Curcuit Interupter (AFCI) in-built.
  • Self-learning power management (AI Boost) .
  • In-built.
  • 365 x 365 x 140 mm

*Additional equipment and installation parameters required to implement.


Visually, the new Huawei solar inverter in the three-phase variant is almost identical to the initial release. Super seeding the 1st generation inverter range only 6-months after Australian release, the SUN2000-M1 is an expedited effort better to meet the consumer expectation of this popular range.

A three-phase hybrid solar and battery inverter with optional Emergency Power Supply function has long been a desire for many. To ensure this, customers require the additional Huawei Smart Power Sensor to monitor the grid supply at the switchboard, plus a supplementary three-phase circuit installed from the inverter to the switchboard (two in total) for essential electrical circuits.

Main feature differences of the Huawei three-phase inverters compared below:



  • Peak load shaving battery function only.
  • Huawei HV battery compatibility
  • Optimiser integration via additional Smart PV Safety Box
  • 525 x 470 x 262 mm
Huawei SUN2000M1


  • Peak load shaving and EPS*
  • Huawei HV Battery compatibility.
  • Eliminated Smart PV Safety Box requirement for optimiser integration.
  • 525 x 470 x 262 mm

*Additional equipment and installation parameters required to implement.

Unbeatable deal.


What could be better than backup power supply options for both single and three-phase new Huawei solar inverter variants? Minimal price difference!

A highly-desired feature wherein all alternative manufactured inverter brands costs over $1000. For a strictly limited quantity of presale orders, Upgrade to the 2nd-Generation Huawei inverter range for only $200 extra when compared to the 1st-Generation range of Huawei packages.

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Huawei LG Chem System

The new Huawei solar inverter range is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to innovative solar inverter technology designed for every home. PSW Energy are your experts to unlock its full potential.

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