This device will change solar forever.

From 2018 the solar technology evolution will ramp up exponentially and alter everyone’s expectations forever. In the early days a grid connected solar inverter had one job. To converter DC energy into useable AC electrical energy. From this foundation, in recent years, solar inverters communicative abilities has been evolving. So much so that it no longer reports solar power production in graphic detail. An evolution has been occurring with additional external devices offering greater insight and energy saving opportunities to better complement the owner generated energy supply. Forget everything you thought a solar inverter should do, Huawei has almost reinvented a once simple device. Welcome to the Huawei solar revolution.

Revolutionary design.

Huawei has developed the most aesthetically pleasing solar inverter yet with a minimalist exterior combined with features unmatched by previous leading solar inverters.

  • Simple future upgrade integration.
  • Digitally superior
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts.
  • Fully sealed, corrosion resistant aluminium exterior, no technician access required.
  • More communicative than any other solar inverter ever created.
  • Visually minimal.

Extraordinarily innovative.

Consider what you thought you knew about solar inverter technology. Compound that with everything you had ever expected from a solar inverter. The Huawei solar inverter will exceed every expectation. Huawei has developed a world first, patented 5-level topology ensuring less copper and therefore fewer losses. The new Huawei solar inverter range is now the most efficient solar inverter available for residential applications.

Future ready.

The Huawei solar inverter has an AC battery interface incorporated ready for LG Chem RESU solar battery technology connection. Additionally should you decide to incorporate solar panel optimisation in the future the Huawei optimisers communicate directly with with the Huawei solar inverter through the DC cable – no additional communications equipment required. Beautifully plug and play.

  • Solar panel
  • Huawei solar inverter
  • LG solar battery

Safeguard you future energy freedom with two of the most trusted names in energy and technology.

Immense features.

  • Higher revenue through superior efficiency.
  • Battery ready.
  • Safe and reliable with natural cooling, IP65 protection and built-in DC and AC surge arrestors.
  • Simplified electrical architecture.
  • Full energy visualisation through Huawei FusionHome software.
  • Smarter energy management features for less grid dependency.
  • I.T free software and commissioning design for a greater end-user relationship.
  • Remote and local health check, firmware upgrades and data sync options.
  • FREE PSW Life Support when purchase through PSW Energy. Learn more >

Precise optimisation.

Optimisation technology is beautifully simple with the IP 68 protected Huawei solar panel optimiser. Equally as refined as the Huawei solar inverter, Huawei solar optimisers perform & communicate seamlessly with the Huawei FusionHome energy software for superior user functionality and return on investment. In a nutshell:

  • Optimise all or only shade affected solar panels to mitigate extra capital cost.
  • The Huawei solar panel optimisers communicate directly to the Huawei solar inverter via the existing DC solar cable. No additional equipment required.
  • Optimised solar panels display additional module level monitoring capabilities through the Huawei SolarFusion application.
  • Optimising a shade effected solar panel can increase the total solar array performance by up to 30%.

The added benefit of such refined monitoring ensures each optimised solar panel is performing as stated, now and into the future. Take full control.

Perfectly adaptable.

Connect Huawei solar technology with your home and enjoy benefits not yet recognised by exist solar energy system owners. There’s a Huawei solar inverter available to suit your energy supply type.

Single phase inverter options available in 2kW, 3kW, 4kW and 5kW variants.

Three phase inverter options from 8kW, 10kW and greater.

Communicatively superior.

Your responsibility to retain communication is no longer an issue if within range of LTE communication network. A minor additional cost ensures your new energy smart home is free from WiFi related dropouts and always delivering the self-generated energy you expect with thanks to your friends at PSW Life Support.

The revolutionary Huawei solar inverter presented by PSW Energy.

The evolution from what you previously understood has arrived. Everything is about to change in 2018. Have a question about the new Huawei solar inverter revolution? Don’t be shy, leave it below and a PSW Energy technical team member will respond with the insight you need.

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