Your Huawei Inverter Warranty, It’s My Way or the Hua-wei.

Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei, loves to use the phrase “It’s my way or the Hua-Wei” and it couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the Huawei solar inverter range. The good news is you don’t have to worry about Ren’s way with a Huawei inverter warranty. However, customers should pay close attention to the Hua-wei (way) for one very good reason.


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CEO’s don’t write the warranty conditions when it comes to solar inverter technology. A good reason why it’s imperative to pay close attention to the Hua-wei (way) when selecting such revolutionary technology.

As the device which you’re relying on to manage the power supply effectively for the next 10-years and beyond, manufacturers guarantees are everything. But did you know there are now likely thousands of Huawei solar inverters which possess 0-years warranty from day-1 of operation?

Not exactly what a trusting customer would expect.

Controlled distribution.

It’s not Huawei’s fault that many of their inverters now possess a 0-year warranty. The inverters simply have not been procured, handled or installed to Huawei installation guidelines, even if the installer possess basic CEC Installation Accreditation.


All inverters in general possess unique handeling and installation requirements, which to the unaware installer, will render any product warranty void if not adhered. PSW Energy is currently working alongside Huawei Australia to expedited the Huawei Certified Installer rollout in Australia for greater buying assurance.


To ensure trusted product integrity within the distribution and procurement network, the Huawei preferred supply channel will focus on reduced handling and increased product awareness as follows;

Huawei > Authorised Distributor > Huawei Certified Installer> Your home.

Accredited installers with explicit Huawei solar inverter installation knowledge (such as PSW Energy) maintain strict purchasing and installation criteria for greater warranty assurance.


PSW Energy
  • Sourced from a Huawei authorised distributor.
  • Minimal supply chain points of contact upholds product integrity.
  • Huawei recommended shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Specialised installation - assured manufacturers guarantee integrity.


Non-specialised Installer
  • Sourced from the lowest price distribution option.
  • Unknown - extra & untrusted points of contact reduces product integrity.
  • Unkown - incorrect shipping/handling has proven to cause internal damage.
  • Unkown - Installation guidelines are unique to every different inverter.

IMPORTANT: If Huawei solar inverters are not handled or installed to Huawei guidelines, your manufacturers warranty is rendered void.

Huawei LG Chem System
Latest technology.

As a Huawei solar inverter specialist, you’re always guaranteed the latest Huawei solar inverters available. Ensure you only receive the most current Huawei inverter models. New L1 & M1 Huawei solar inverters available July 2020 & January 2021 respectively.


Compare the V.1 Huawei solar inverters vs V.2 Huawei solar inverters here >

Huawei SUN2000L1 Inverter


Huawei SUN2000-L1
  • 3/5 kW.
  • Single-phase.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Huawei FusionHome portal.
  • 97.8% efficiency.
  • 375 (H) x 375 (W) x 117 (D) mm.
  • 25 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-year warranty.
Huawei SUN2000M1 Inverter


Huawei SUN2000-M1
  • 5/10 kW.
  • Three-phase.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Huawei FusionHome portal.
  • 97.8% efficiency.
  • 525 (H) x 470 (W) x 262 (D) mm.
  • 30 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-year warranty.
Secure warranty.

A solid 10-year (parts and service) warranty accompanies all Huawei solar inverters when installed to manufacture guidelines. No additional activation required.

Selecting a Huawei inverter specialised installer such as PSW Energy ensures manufacturer guidelines have been adhered for Huawei solar inverter warranty certainty.

Expert support.

Should the time arise, you’re going to find it tough conversing with Huawei technical support (like all inverter technical support facilities). PSW Energy recommends consumers only ever deal with their installer in a “one point contact” scenario. 

Unfortunately, many solar installation companies are majority sales-focused, leaving little room for after-sales care. PSW Life Support is one of the most reputable technical support programs available assuring the highly desired one point contact in the event of a product support requirement.

Gain expedited proactive resolution response times, one contact warranty support and access to one of the largest 24/7 online self help guides.

Huawei Battery Specials Perth
PSW Certification.

Huawei Australia is currently in development of a certified installer program. PSW Energy heavily supports such, retaining a specialised relationship until such a program becomes announced.

Customers can rest assured knowing PSW Energy staff receive regular best practice training for all new and existing Huawei solar products. In the absence of a Certified Installer program, customers should seek out a specialised installation partner of Huawei solar inverters such as PSW Energy.

PSW Energy, focused on Huawei solar inverters since 2017.

Trusted buying.

As one of the most progressive ranges in solar and energy storage, your investment is long-term with an eye for advanced technology. Purchasing Huawei solar inverters and their associated components such as the new LUNA2000 solar battery, you need a trusted source with 100% transperency.

Discover the full range of Huawei solar inverter technology online in the PSW Energy store. Browse at your own convenience, then reach out when you are ready and and any particular compatibility of performance questions when you are ready.

With thousands of satisfied customers, you need a Huawei solar inverter specialist for the ultimate Huawei experience. PSW Energy supports customers beyond manufacturer warranty conditions because your investment in solar is more than just another product for your home. It’s your energy freedom.

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