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REDUCE YOUR OUTGOINGS & NO UPFRONT COSTS, for approved businesses. Better commercial solar Perth and Bunbury businesses have been searching for. Business is tough at the best of times, the last thing owners need is increased complication. Let PSW Energy (Perth Solar Warehouse) remove a portion of one major expense in the easiest business decision you’ll make all year.


$0 Upfront, immediate savings.


Free energy in abundance. Reduce your business’s electricity bill and pay off the cost of the solar energy system from day one. The undeniable benefits, commercial solar Perth and Bunbury WA business owners cannot afford to miss out on.



  • No deposit (includes installation and design).
  • Reduce business outgoings from day one.1
  • Flexible terms up to 7 years.
  • Repayment maybe fully tax deductible.
  • Low Doc options available.
  • 48 hour approval.
  • A reliable PSW Energy solar system built to work as hard as your business.
  • FREE Solar Analytics advanced energy monitoring system included.2,3 Compare >
  • FREE PSW Life Support. Learn more >
  • An asset which will continue to deliver every day, year after year.

90% of businesses operate during sunlight hours. That is the potential to draw a majority of your energy directly from the sun. KEEP SCROLLING, this commercial solar Perth & Bunbury initiative is outlined in beautiful detail below.

Pay via savings generated.


How does it work?

Once the commercial solar system is installed the lower energy bills offset by solar energy and combined with the rental payments is in most cases less than the old electricity bill.

The solar power system is paid off over time, from two to seven years.

A benefit facilitating the opportunity to start saving from the day the solar power system is installed.

With $0 upfront required, the opportunity to reduce outgoings has never been easier.


2 – 7 year options

Why finance?

A major reason why many businesses in Perth and Bunbury haven’t installed commercial solar systems or energy-saving equipment is for the large upfront cost of the technology.

The PSW Energy commercial solar Perth and Bunbury WA initiative is to provide businesses a simple financing plan for reliable solar power without the large upfront payment. A green scheme which provides the opportunity to enjoy an immediately lower power bill.


Fast Approval

  • $0 upfront
  • Fully deductible repayments
  • Low Doc application
  • Light security levels
  • Asset finance specialists
  • Energy market specialists
  • Deposit usually required
  • No
  • Possibly
  • Business/home assets as collateral against loans
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • Rental repayments are usually fully deductible. Check with your accountant.
  • No financials for less than $50k (ex GST)
  • Energy efficient & solar equipment as only security (personal guarantee may be required)
  • Yes
  • Yes



$0 upfront


Frequently asked questions.


  • Solar & energy efficient lighting.
  • Voltage optimisation.
  • Solar PV and solar hot water systems.
  • Energy storage solutions.

HOW MUCH CAN BE FINANCED? From $10k to $5m.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? To be eligible you must:

  • Have been in business for over 2 – 3 years.
  • Own your own property or have a remaining lease term.

FEES AND CHARGES. $250 application fee (payable with first rental), inclusive of GST.

WHEN DO REPAYMENTS START? Rental repayments start once the technology is installed.

EARLY TERMINATION. 1 years rental payment can be paid upfront with no penalty. Fees and charges may apply for early termination of the Rental Agreement. This is dependant on the number of repayments remaining and any amounts outstanding at the time of termination. Refer to the agreement for further details.

Limited release.

This is a limited release offer through PSW Energy and PSW Energy’s solar financial partner in conjunction with the Australian government’s financial incentives for commercial solar Perth and Bunbury businesses to assist with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, facilitate consumer awareness of business efforts to be environmentally conscious and jointly lower business outgoings.

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Eligibility criteria applies for this PSW Energy commercial solar Perth and Bunbury initiative. For full terms, conditions and options please contact commercial solar Perth & Bunbury WA sales support. 1) The ability to reduce electricity bills is dependent on businesses individual energy profile and may not apply in all scenarios. 2) Solar Analytics energy monitoring devices shall be supplied and fitted to a maximum of two three-phase distribution sites only. If additional distribution sites are required at the same installation location, additional costs apply. 3) Solar Analytics utilises Telstra 3G data, therefore there is no interference with secure business servers or WiFi, a small annual data subscription cost applies from $60 per unit, consult sales support for further information. SALES SUPPORT>

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