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Bifacial solar panels are an attractive variation on the traditional monofacial photovoltaic panels you’re used to seeing. They employ a unique two-sided design to capture light from both the front and back of the panel. Allowing you to install the solar panels in a vertical arrangement, such as around the perimeter of roofs, as well as in a traditional horizontal method for a slight boost to energy production.

SolarWorld manufactures high-quality bifacial solar panels in both Germany and the USA. Rigorous standards in research, testing and manufacturing, ensures these production plants are guaranteed to produce a product of the same high quality as all previous solar panel types in the trusted SolarWorld range.

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SolarWorld Bisun duo solar cell presented by Perth Solar Warehouse


One such product; the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun SW 270 Duo boasts a 25% energy boost due to the innovative duo cell design. These bifacial solar panels are very versatile. It is suggested that they are most successful in traditional 30 degree tilted configurations when installing off the ground, over reflective surfaces or other bright materials. This is because the light that misses the panel may reflect off the ground into the rear of the panel, providing a boost to energy production.

It is advisable with any bifacial solar panel that they are mounted with minimal shading to the backside of the panel. This means choosing a mount that doesn’t block the panel. It also means that the panels should be installed with sufficient distance between rows, again to avoid shading.

SolarWorld Bifacial Effect

Thanks to innovations in glass technology, the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Duo is designed to be extremely robust, designed to withstand a long service-life while not compromising on energy production. The panels are extremely weather-resilient and are covered with heat-strengthened glass.

When you’re investing hard earned money into an alternative energy source, you need to know that it’s going to work and work well. In this case, TUV Rheinland has certified these panels, stating that they have the lowest measuring tolerance in industry. This means that you’re going to get the exact product and performance that is advertised.

For your investment, you deserve brilliant efficiency, and the positive power tolerance promises just that. All panels undergo rigorous testing and only the solar panels that achieve or exceed expectations are dispatched so that you can be sure of high quality. SolarWorld promises a power tolerance range of -0 Wp and +5 Wp, which ensures that you’re never getting less than what you pay for.

Now, photovoltaic cells degrade, there’s little that can be done about that. However, SolarWorld promises a maximum degradation of 0.35% per year, ensuring your panels will still be running at 90% efficiency after 21 years. To make sure that your solar panels are still in excellent condition late into their lifecycle each solar panel is accompanied with a trusted 10-year product warranty and a very impressive, industry leading 30-year linear performance warranty. So, if these high-quality panels fail for whatever reason, you’re still good.

SolarWorld Bifacial Performance Guarantee

Other SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Duo’s promise similar specifications. With the Sunmodule Bisun SW270 starting off the range, working your way up to the SW 280 Duo, then the SW 320 XL Duo (commercial), and finally the SW 325 XL Duo (commercial). There’s a panel for every price point and need.

With the SolarWorld Bisun range, the number depicts the maximum power output as watt-peak. This means that the SW 270 Duo is on the low end of the spectrum with the SW 325 XL Duo at the top. It’s also worth mentioning that these numbers represent the maximum power output under Standard Test Conditions (or STC). Under optimised conditions, the SW 270 alone is capable of up to 331 Wp and the SW 325 XL Duo is capable of up to 400 Wp. Obviously, that’s under heavily optimised conditions that are difficult to replicate in the real world, but it’s a good demonstration of their efficiency and power.

SolarWorld Bisun duo solar cell presented by Perth Solar Warehouse


The SW 270 Duo and the SW 280 Duo are both remarkably similar in specification, both being the same size and covered with the same heat strengthened glass. Like the SW 270 Duo, the 280 Duo underwent thorough testing. As such, it’s proven to be resistant to salt spray for installations near the ocean, as well as sand, dust, ammonia, frost, and even hail.

The Bisun SW 280 Duo is every bit as well-made as the SW 270 Duo. It features the same great efficiency and quality as the SW 270 Duo.

A major distinction with bifacial solar technology is that the front panel of the solar panel is tempered safety glass, offering greater protection from the environment. The back panel is a transparent glass sheet in place of a standard laminate back-sheet. These two glass panels securely encase the solar cells and circuitry between them, much like a sandwich. Laminate back-sheets have often been the subject of degradation in standard solar panels. The glass back-sheets resilience to degradation maintains the integrity of the solar panel to moisture and ingress far greater than ever before.

Under Standard Test Conditions, these panels are capable of up to 320 Wp and 325 Wp respectively which is extremely respectable.


Overall, the SolarWorld Bisun range is a highly robust array of bifacial solar panels. They are engineered to perfection, and each solar panel is thoroughly tested to ensure that only the best leave the factory. SolarWorld’s world-class checking and testing procedures mean you can be sure that each solar panel is of the highest possible quality.

SolarWorld ensures that every panel is built-to-last, no matter the weather. And on the off-chance that it doesn’t work, the brilliant warranty is sure to have you covered.

To view a visual insight into our stunning SolarWorld Bifacial solar panels click here.

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