The Best Solar Panel Construction Process – From Cell to Module

Is Fully Automated

Got a spare 8 minutes to assist with an educated decision? If so, forget the corny still image on the cover of this video and just CLICK PLAY to see quite simply one of the best solar panel construction methods on the planet! With absolutely no construction element subjected to human error, unlike others. Get to know this state of the manufacturing facility, the SolarWorld production plant in Freiburg Germany.

Just in case you’re a bit pressed for time or maybe the internet is giving you grief, here are some awesome facts:

  • Fully automated manufacturing process – The finest elements are just so precise.
  • 4mm thick, high grade, glass German made protective plates – Tough stuff! And the thickest we know of, industry standard is 3.2mm.
  • Dual protective Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film incorporated.
  • Cell purity management – because nobody wants rubbish cells!
  • Welded junction joints (opposed to soldered) – something not many people consider with other panels until it all falls apart.
  • 2 component polymer filled squared frame – Why? because silicon alone can’t do the job of keeping the cells free from ingress, yep flip the panel over and check this out!
  • Fully filled & sealed, heat resistant, patented designed junction socket.
  • Advanced electroluminescence testing on every panel – A good explanation of this is actually pretty deep. So if you have an extra 5-10mins to digest some BIG info, here’s a great technical explanation.
  • Mandatory insulation & high voltage testing.
  • World class solar manufacturing plant – If you’ve seen the video you’ll understand.
  • Over 6000 solar modules manufactured daily.
  • Relentless German made quality.

Its really is important to see exactly how the new solar panels destined to produced limitless energy on your roof are constructed. Seriously! This is one of the most amazing production facilities in Germany purpose built for the best solar panel construction possible.

Buying solar is an investment and for superior returns, the right tools are required. Forget bad marketing hype, same warranty periods won’t equal the same results.  Research right and results beyond expectation will always follow.

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