Additional Solar Installation Costs.

Wouldn’t it be great if the advertised price of a particular solar package were all you would need to pay? The good news is that for 70% of homes, the advertised price is likely to be the final price. However, many homes have certain imposing factors which require either many more hours for installation over standard homes or additional specialised products to ensure the system meets localised energy requirements.

Single or 3-phase Electricity Meter Solar Review

PSW Energy has the three singles rule when it comes to base advertised prices. Single-phase, single-level and single roof. Let’s expand on this a little more though.

To assist keeping additional solar installation costs as transparent as possible, below is the PSW Energy Additional Solar Installation Cost Guide 2019. The listed prices are in order from most common upgrade costs and are current as of up to 30-days from this posts publishing date.

3-phase inverter upgrade - from $300.

A standard single-phase home has one active line (1-phase) coming to the home from the grid, 3-phase homes have three active lines powering the house from the network.

But why is there an additional cost for a 3-phase inverter? The simple answer, 3-phase solar inverters are more expensive from a manufacturing level and require additional installation expense to accommodate. Popular PSW Energy 3-phase solar inverter upgrade costs;

1-phase inverter 3-phase inverter Price difference
Fronius Primo 5.0-1
Fronius Symo 5.0-3
Goodwe 5000D-NS
Goodwe 5000-DT
Huawei SUN2000L-5KTL
Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M0
SMA SunnyBoy AV-41 5.0
SMA SunnyTripower AV-40 5.0
Sungrow 5KTL-D
Sungrow 5KTL-MT
SolarEdge HD-Wave 5kW
SolarEdge Three Phase 5kW

If you have a large house or big-load electrical appliances (i.e. specific pumps or large air conditioning), there is a high chance your home is 3-phase, and you’ll need a 3-phase inverter. 

How do you know if your house is 1-phase or 3-phase? Here’s a handy link, Discover >

Multi-level installation costs - from $300.

Additional installation costs exist for multiple level installations or properties where the gutter line is higher than 2.2m. Why so? 

  • Time.
  • Worksafe laws.
  • Additional cabling requirements.

As multiple level homes or properties take many shapes and forms, the $300 additional cost is an indication only. Each property must be assessed/quoted on a case by case basis as the increased cost may be required based on varying degrees of installation difficulty.


Q. What if the solar array is being installed on the single-storey roof of a double-storey house? A. Even if a solar array is being installed on a single-level roof of the house, multi-level installation costs are still required. As the electric cabling work is often the most exhaustive portion of any installation, this additional cost recovers the extra time and materials required to extend cabling through the multi-level section of the home.

6.6kW Solar Deals by PSW Energy

Split solar array cost - from $150.

Some roof areas are greater than others. To install solar panels on one singular roof face is by far the simplest and most cost effective installation method. Where solar panels are required to be split across multiple roof faces of a home to achieve the desired kW capacity, additional cabling and work is required.

Additional Solar Installation Costs

Switchboard upgrade - from $300.

Another significant variable where it all depends on the extent of the upgrade requirement. 95% of switchboards have a sufficient amount of available space to accommodate solar. However, if your switchboard is looking a little full, then upgrade work may be required. Common switchboard upgrade work cost averages below;

Required upgrade Average Cost
RCBO Switchboard conversion
Single-phase entitire residential switchboard upgrade (16 pole)
Three-phase entitire residential switchboard upgrade (24 pole)

The above table should be used as a guide only. Switchboard upgrade costs are to be assessed/quoted on a case by case basis. A simple photo can assist us in determining if any switchboard upgrade is required.

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