Additional Solar Installation Costs Guide 2022.

Wouldn’t it be great if the advertised price of a particular solar package, battery system or EV charger were all you would ever need to pay? The good news is that for 70% of homes, the advertised price is likely to be the final price. However, many homes have imposing factors that require more significant installation hours than standard homes or additional specialised products to ensure the system meets localised energy requirements.


PSW Energy has the three singles rule when it comes to base advertised prices. Single-phase, single-level and single roof. Let’s expand on this a little more.

To assist keeping additional solar installation costs as transparent as possible below is the PSW Energy Additional Solar Installation Cost Guide 2022. The listed prices are in order from most common upgrade costs and are current as of up to 30-days from this posts publishing date.


Tiled roof upgrade: from $100

A standard PSW Energy solar package is equipped with Tin roof mounting hardware. To accommodate a Tile roof, more expensive robust stainless steel brackets are required to accommodate the profile of the tile without impacting the roof’s waterproofing. There is also an additional time component for solar technicians to fit these more complex brackets. Tin roof brackets are far simpler by design and therefore cost significantly less.


Furthermore, as each tile profile is unique, standard tile brackets may not accommodate more unique designs. 

System Size Base Additional Cost
3.7 kW
6.6 kW
9.9 kW
13 kW
19 kW

The above table should be used as a guide only. Certain tile profile requirements may affect the cost.

3-phase inverter upgrade: from $300

A standard single-phase home has one active line (1-phase) coming to the home from the grid, 3-phase homes have three active lines powering the house from the network. This is similar to an industrial and commercial power supply to operate more heavy-duty equipment. As such, to accommodate bigger loads, the cost increases from a manufacturing and installation perspective with solar power supplies.

Popular PSW Energy 3-phase solar inverter upgrade costs;

1-phase inverter 3-phase inverter Price difference
Fronius Primo 5.0-1
Fronius Symo 5.0-3
Goodwe 5000D-NS
Goodwe 5000-SDT G2
Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-L1
Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-M1
SMA SunnyBoy AV-41 5.0
SMA SunnyTripower AV-40 5.0
Sungrow 5KTL-D
Sungrow 5KTL-MT
SolarEdge HD-Wave 5kW
SolarEdge Three Phase 5kW

If you have a large house or big-load electrical appliances (i.e. specific pumps, large air conditioning systems etc), there is a high chance your home is 3-phase, and you’ll need a 3-phase inverter. 

Frequently Asked Questions; 3-phase.

3-phase solar inverters are more expensive from a manufacturing level and require additional costs to purchase.

Single or 3-phase Electricity Meter Solar Review
Multi-level installation costs: from $500

As multiple level homes or properties take many shapes and forms, the $500 additional cost is a starting indication only. Each property must be assessed/quoted on a case by case basis as the increased cost may be required based on varying degrees of installation difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions; Multi-level.

Additional installation costs exist for multiple level installations or properties where the gutter line is higher than 2.2m for varied reasons;

  • Time.
  • Employee safety – Worksafe laws.
  • Additional cabling requirements.
  • Safety barriers.
  • Lifting equipment.

Even if a solar array is being installed on a single-level roof of the house, multi-level installation costs are required. As the electric cabling work is often the most exhaustive portion of any installation, this additional cost recovers the extra time and materials required to extend cabling through the multi-level section of the home.

6.6kW Solar Deals by PSW Energy
Split solar array costs: from $150

Some roof areas are greater than others. To install solar panels on one singular roof face is by far the simplest and most cost effective installation method. Where solar panels are required to be split across multiple roof faces (see above image) of a home to achieve the desired kW capacity, additional cabling and work is required.

Frequently Asked Questions; Split Array.

This scenaio will require a split solar array charge as the additional material and labour costs are incurred through having to re-enter the roof space, create additional penetrations in an alternative section of roof and install a supplementary solar array irrelevant of distance.

Installer Vision Solar Panel by Perth Solar Warehouse
Energy consumption monitors: From $300

Basic solar energy systems within the PSW Energy range come standard with WiFi-connected production reports and service messages available to you from convenient iOS & Android apps. However, what’s truly beneficial for many is visualising the energy coming into and leaving the property (energy consumption and energy export data) alongside solar production data. Understanding such facilitates a greater understanding of one’s energy-saving potential and the ability to fine-tune selected appliance operation to better utilise the available solar energy. This can only be viewed by installing an energy consumption monitor at the same time as the solar energy system.

IMPORTANT: listed prices exclude installation as a retrofit product to any existing system. To better understand retrofit prices to existing systems view energy monitoring devices here >

1-phase Consumption Monitors Cost (With Package)

The above table should be used as a guide only. Switchboard modification requirements may affect the cost.

3-phase Consumption Monitors Cost (With Package)

The above table should be used as a guide only. Switchboard modification requirements may affect the cost.

Solar Analytics By Perth Solar Warehouse
Existing system removal: from $150

Heard the phrase “it’s better to reuse than recycle”? Removing an existing solar energy system and ensuring the products are repurposed in an environmentally sustainable method is how the world benefits from your old solar energy system. PSW Energy follows an environmentally and humanitarian conscious approach ensuring your existing solar energy system can be repurposed in alternative global regions such as certain African nations where renewable energy subsidies are obsolete. 


The result ensures life’s basic expectations such as clean drinking water can be pumped from the power of the sun.


To ensure your panels don’t end up in landfill and are sustainably repurposed the cost is minimal; $150 for systems up to 15 panels. $10 per panel thereafter.

Switchboard upgrades: Assess

Another significant variable where it all depends on the extent of the upgrade requirement. 95% of switchboards have a sufficient amount of available space to accommodate solar. However, if your switchboard is looking a little full, then upgrade work may be required. Common switchboard upgrade work cost averages below;

Required upgrade Average Cost
RCBO Switchboard conversion
Single-phase entitire residential switchboard upgrade (16 pole)
from $1000
Three-phase entitire residential switchboard upgrade (24 pole)
from $1500

The above table should be used as a guide only. Switchboard upgrade costs are to be assessed/quoted on a case by case basis. A simple photo can assist us in determining if any switchboard upgrade is required.

Additional Solar Installation Costs


Backup Power Supplies: Assess

Batteries have risen to affordability by scaling back the primary purpose. Modern consumers now expect continued energy savings from their solar panels after the sunsets as the primary purpose of the modern solar battery, this is referred to as “Load Shaving”. 


However, if one lives in areas where grid power outages are frequent, ensuring a solar and battery system can operate as an emergency/temporary backup power supply makes sense for selected loads. To facilitate this takes additional equipment and wiring to ensure a backup supply that meets your expectations and won’t cause harm to anyone working on the grid. With additional complexity comes additional cost of equipment and labour.


When it comes to backup power capabilities, your expectations define cost. We calculate the time to execute and the technology cost to facilitate.


Every installation is unique. Some other variable installation factors are unable to be foreseen in general or advertised package pricing. PSW Energy will always quote each individual job and assess unique variables to ensure the product can be supported for its intended life.

Scenario Example Cost
Detached dwellings
An installation to be spread across two seperate buildings. 
Underground works
Installations where underground cabling is required.
Innadequate roof structures
Where a roof may not be deemed adequate to support the solar array for the intended life.
Additional cabling requirements
Where an installation requires additional cabling beyond 30m total of AC and DC combined.
Communication cabling
Where communication cabling is required to be provisioned for network connection.
Back-up power supplies
Where addition circuits and equipment are required to provision a back-up power supply in the event of a grid failure.

Overall, PSW Energy will endeavour to be as transparent with package costs as possible. PSW Energy reserves the right not to accept selected jobs irrelevant of installations meeting base criteria or advertised prices without reason.

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