9 of the best solar deals in Perth WA.

YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. Ensure you don’t waste it on an overhyped, underwhelming solar system. Why not shop for solar from a perspective which suits your preferences? Listed below, PSW Support has compiled 9 of the best solar deals Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury region customers should consider as a superior solar choice to satisfy the essential criteria of budget, preferences and expectations.

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A must view when consider the best solar deals in Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury WA.

There is an abundance of choice when selecting the best solar deals to suit your home. Therefore, do what any savvy investor would do, harness a wealth of trusted technical experience and narrow down your selection with the assistance of expert insight. Refine your options with definition through the PSW Energy 9 best solar deals Perth WA list.

The options are plentiful. To select the right system, you shouldn’t feel pressured into something which doesn’t quite suit your preferences. Solar energy is a beautiful technology when done right. More importantly, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come, without buyers remorse, by selecting the best solar deals which are essential to you.

1. Best economy 3.5 - 6.6 kW


ET Solar has been producing solar modules since 2005 and is now one of the larger BNEF Tier-1 solar panel manufacturers in the world by volume. The ET Elite range of solar modules present as a premium pedigree combined with Chinese affordability.

INVERTER: Goodwe 3 kW, 5 kW.

Australia’s second most popular inverter for residential solar energy installations. Goodwe solar inverters combine both affordability with a respectable reliability. Seamless expansion options ensure Goodwe solar inverter options are built future ready.

2. Best value 3.7 - 6.6 kW

SOLAR PANEL: Suntech 315 W mono PERC.

Originally an Australian founded and designed solar panel option, Suntech solar panels are built to perform in the enduring Australian conditions. Incorporating a new split-cell design, expect superior efficiency and performance, ideal for the Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury region.

INVERTER: Sungrow 3 kW, 5 kW.

Sungrow is the world’s largest inverter manufacturer by volume next to Huawei. Boasting higher build quality characteristics with performance specifications equal to or greater than alternative leading European inverters ensures Sungrow are one of the world’s best inverter technologies.

3. Best hybrid 3.7 - 6.6 kW

Solar Panel: LONGi Solar 315W mono PERC.

Highly efficient mono PERC solar panels are the next step for those seeking a little more from “just a solar system”, and there isn’t much better than LONGi Solar for price and quality. As the worlds largest monocrystalline solar panel manufacturer, the LONGi Solar mono PERC solar panel range boasts great affordability for a high spec module design including outstanding durability and yield.

Inverter: Huawei 3kW – 5kW.

Huawei has produced a revolutionary hybrid (multimode) solar inverter technology at a remarkably affordable price, given its specifications. Saving an approximate cost of about $1500 to an end user wanting to integrate the world-class LG Chem RESUH solar battery in the future.

4. Best by volume 3.7 - 6.6 kW

SOLAR PANEL: Jinko Cheetah 315W. 

The world’s largest solar panel brand by volume, Jinko build respectable quality solar panels with affordability in mind. Consistently one of the largest manufacturers by volume off the back of a predominant polycrystalline solar panel supply, the best Jinko solar panel options present in the monocrystalline format.

INVERTER: Fronius 3kW – 5kW

Over the last 5-years the European built Fronius inverter range, more particularly in Australia, has become one of the most popular inverter options for shoppers to consider. Aging in design and specification compared to modern rivals, this shouldn’t detracract from the many satisfied Australian users.

5. Best technology 3.7 - 6.6 kW

SOLAR PANEL: REC TwinPeak 2 mono & N-Peak range 315W. 

The pioneers behind split-cell solar panel technology, Europes largest solar brand, REC presents something very special with it’s new split-cell mono range. Select the ultra-yielding benefits of the REC N-Peak range or discover greater affordability with the REC TwinPeak 2 Series mono 315W range. Both options enjoy a full 25-year product & performance warranty when installed by an REC solar professional.


Ready to adapt to the next-wave of energy management as the new requirement for any self-generated power supply. More than just a solar inverter, the renowned German SMA inverter range will be equipped with the industry-leading ennexOS energy management software as standard from 2019. Get ready to discover next-level.

6. Best for optimisation 3.9 - 6.6 kW

SOLAR PANEL: SolarEdge Smart Module 300W. 

SolarEdge presents the only one manufacturer solar system solution and the great news is that it is done exceptionally well when considering the new SolarEdge Smart Module range. The simplest and most reliable way to now achieve entire system module-level optimisation.

INVERTER: SolarEdge 3 kW – 5 kW.

SolarEdge provides world-class inverter technology with refined module-level optimisation as standard. Maximum yields, extreme electrical safety and greater asset management potential, are achieved through module-level optimisation. The industry leading 12-year warranty sets SolarEdge apart from all other central inverter technologies.

SolarEdge Solar Specials

7. Best for 3+ orientations

SOLAR PANEL: TW Solar shingled solar panel 350W.Installations with greater than 2 roof orientations often pose limited available roof space. Therefore, one of the best BNEF Tier-1 listed panel options with an efficiency of 20% is the new TW Solar shingled solar panel. Ultra-affordability and the ability to harvest more available sunlight from a nominated area, a well-sized companion for the new generation Enphase IQ7.

INVERTER: Enphase IQ7 Micro Inverters.

Why are Enphase microinverters better for three or more roof orientations? Better adaptability, functionality, and output from an area of difficult access or variable roof orientations. Such versatility and modular function enable energy users requiring a highly customisable energy supply to achieve maximum yields.

8. Best for off-grid 3.7 - 6.6 kW

SOLAR PANEL: Your choice, we like the Suntech Hypro 315W.

Going off-grid is often one of the more expensive options in solar. Therefore, why not select a good quality yet affordable solar panel option with an above average warranty to minimise the risk of a total project blowout? Suntech have a one of the longest standing relationships in and with Australia. A dependable solar module choice at the right price.


Eying of a future proof off-grid energy solution? Even if being entirely off-grid isn’t as affordable as you’d hoped right now, you can still be very prepared for it thanks to RedEarth. RedEarth is an Australian-made all-in-one solution. Which is built customised to your specific off-grid needs or future plans. Discover the ultimate personal power plant with RedEarth Energy Storage options.

9. Best solar batteries 2.5 kWh - 13 kWh


Award-winning German-made solar battery technology can grow as your storage requirements grow. An internal modular design allows users to save on upfront costs by grasping an accurate energy profile through the in-depth user software. Then add the precise amount of additional storage capacity required to truly master bill reduction.

AC Coupled compatibility with all solar inverter types. Best for three-phase!

BATTERY OPTION 2: LG Chem HV (DC Coupled).

Renowned as one of the best solar batteries available for value, safety and performance. Integrating an LG Chem RESU solar battery as part of your energy solution will ensure the reliable energy savings you require when the sun isn’t shining.

DC Coupled compatibility with Huawei & SolarEdge solar inverters.

BATTERY OPTION 3: Tesla PowerWall 2 (AC Coupled).

The Tesla PowerWall 2 certainly needs no introduction. Brilliant specifications present a versatile and sleek solar battery option with the ability to provide a dependable back-up power supply. 

AC Coupled compatibility with all solar inverter types. Single-phase brilliance.

SENEC Solar Energy Storage System

When selecting the best solar deals, it’s important to remember that energy saving success exists beyond product alone. Accurate implementation, ongoing support and warranty from technically trusted, local experts ensure the energy savings one is investing in over time.

Greater benefits with PSW Energy.

Value in the short, medium and long-term is guaranteed.

  • SHORT-TERM. Better implementation ensures better value solar with greater guaranteed power production and performance.
  • MEDIUM-TERM. Ongoing expert support and feedback for continual energy-saving success with PSW Life Support.
  • LONG-TERM. Up to 3 x more power output guaranteed through selected solar panel technology.

Essentially the most comprehensive warranty and support available to ensure your energy saving success. With a proven history of guaranteed customer satisfaction, why wouldn’t you select solar by local, established technical experts?

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION. The best solar deals are far beyond the term Tier-1. Understand that Tier-1 is not a measure of quality & performance. It is a loose term, endorsed by no regulatory authority with minimal substance.

Be good to yourself.

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